Friday, November 7, 2014

september blog post The Many Uses of Exit Slips Robert Marzano

The Many Uses of Exit Slips
Robert Marzano

In reading this article I am reminded about how important exit slip are in the classroom. I used to use them all the time and then they seemed to go out of “fashion”   Our assistant principal has been  talking to us about using them and when I saw this article I was interested in reading it to see if it would be appropriate to use in my small, pull out LA class. Marzano has convinced me that I need to incorporate the use of exit slips once again in my classroom. It is quick check for me to see if what I taught that day actually sunk in!  Sometimes the students in my classes will look like they are understanding the material but then during discussions or assessments i realize they did not understand , but were not conveying that info to me. by using an exit slip I can assess right then and there if they understood the concept for that particular lesson. I will be using the concept of the exit slip in my classroom

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  1. I agree, I need to use more exit slips too! There are so many ways to do it now and the information you gather is incredibly informative! I agree that it gives you surprising insight into their understanding that you wouldn't have otherwise.