Saturday, November 8, 2014

October blog "what's the big deal about empathy?"

What’s the Big Deal About Empathy?

“An emphatic environment is a smarter environment”  As a special education teacher I have know for quite some time that there is a strong relationship between social emotional learning and cognitive performance. Now there is scientific research to back that up. when we as teachers put ourselves in our students shoes we tend to respond to them a bit differently,the research has shown that this is an essential skills in the classroom. it is also essential that our students can show empathy as well. The article states that we need to  respect the decisions of others, sometimes a difficult choice in the classroom but what a wonderful way to empower our students into feeling they have a voice and they will be listened to , in turn they will learn that they need to listen to others as well.We need to build empathy and encouraging classrooms where everyone has a voice in an controlled and appropriate manner. The most important info within the article is that we need to take action according to our own personality and interests.We need to be able to understand the experiences of others always encouraging pro social behaviors with the ultimate goal of benefiting others,  I'm not sure how I can go about doing this in my classroom but I am going to pursue this and see what I can do even if tiny little baby steps.

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