Saturday, November 8, 2014

November blog post personal reflection

I have just really started using routinely in my 8th grade special education pull out LA class. All written work is to be submitted to me through For some of the kiddo’s this is difficult because  it takes them so long to remember the basic steps to get to the drive.  After about 9 weeks we have finally gotten over that hurdle and we all get on now at the same time. Since I only have 10 students in my class this is a very easy way to monitor their writings and to give immediate feedback. They really enjoy the banter back and forth when they are writing, I don’t actually edit the writing rather what I do is I will highlight the mistake and will write to them reminding them that its a proper noun, rather than writing “change to a capital letter”  I will also write things like “ is the the end of your sentence?’ I will also write things  like “Sorry but this sentence makes no sense, can you remove or add some words so it makes sense?’  I will make suggestions in real time for them to add noun modifiers etc.. A great deal of the time they understand my comments but there are times when they are totally lost. I have students reading at the 1st grade level as well as students reading at the 5th to 6th grade level.I have a student that is in the pace program, ie a wide variety of levels in one class. I adjust my comments accordingly.
I have found that this approach to editing is teaching them to self edit rather than relying on me to do the editing for them. My hope is that they will learn fro their mistakes and pay a bit more attention to the writing process in all aspect  of their writing

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  1. All of this sounds amazing. Good for you for sticking with it and getting past the initial hurdles that come with this integration. They are so lucky to have you and I love the suggestions you are giving them, I might have to steal a few for my editing. This is absolutely putting the work in their hands and I am so glad you are finding success!