Thursday, August 7, 2014

inspired writing rager thursday august 7th

rainy and stormy today.. I feel as though my brain is rainy and stormy as well. I am new to blogging and am a bit over whelmed.  I have been avoiding this and now I realize i have to jump in and do this, after a bit of time I thin I am now where I need to be


  1. What are you interested in learning during this cohort? What did you find valuable today?

  2. Friday
    I finally feel like I understand the basics that went over my head yesterday , I learning experience for me for sure. I discovered that when I am learning a concept that is difficult and somewhat alien to me I realize that a group setting does not not work for me, something to remember for my class room.

  3. Let's make sure that we work on the Saturday cohort days to meet in small groups or one on one so that we can make it a productive morning. :-)

    1. I continue to feel lost and behind. with the start of school and classes and paper work for SPED I feel lost once again. I co each with Amy Atherton and she is so knowledgeable in using the smartboard and web site etc.. I feel like I am not even close to where I should be... I am not understanding a lot and not sure what to do.